Comment: You need to be careful here

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You need to be careful here

You need to be careful here when you label anyone in support of the Iraq war as a Fascist. I think most people are either ignorant or unwilling to admit they are wrong. I was in that boat up until a couple years ago. When I first heard about Ron Paul, he was a breath of fresh air, but I had serious disagreements with him regarding the war. I supported the war in Iraq wholeheartedly as we were "defending freedom" and taking the battle against terrorism to them.

However, as I began to listen to what Ron Paul had to say, my heart was softened and I began to see that I had been utterly deceived. Now I believe that the war in Iraq was a tremendous tragedy on multiple levels. I am no longer for a strong military overseas. In short, I have made a 180 turn on this issue.

I was not a fascist when I held these views. I honestly thought that we were doing good, but the truth truly set me free. Just because someone holds that view does not mean their selfish. Sometimes it takes time for people to adjust to a different world view. Even though I was somewhat primed for it (for a variety of reasons), it took me several months before I was comfortable with Ron Paul's position. Even now I have occasional doubts, but they are growing fewer and further between as time goes on.

We need to be patient and show mercy to those with whom we disagree. We need to give them the opportunity to learn, grow and change. We may find that in the end, they will be the greatest allies we could ever want -- if we give them the space to try.