Comment: I had jury duty yesterday. I

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I had jury duty yesterday. I

I had jury duty yesterday. I was actually excited to see the court system in action. Even though it was a real pain to go, I was thinking I sure would appreciate a fair jury if it were I who was being charged with something.

so I show up and the Judge reads some instructions and I have to fill out this form. It asks me if I would believe a cop's testimony over a defendant's. I of course said no. I can't believe anyone would check "yes" on that without even hearing the facts of a case. Anyone who checked "yes" I'm sure would be dismissed as a juror as they should be.

Long story short, after sitting there from 8:30AM to Noon, we did nothing. They sent us to lunch for and hour and a half. I came back and they said there was no trial after all today. They paid us each $13.00 which pretty much covered the cost of our parking. There were at least 50 people there times $13.00. That's $650.00 tax payer dollars for nothing. Also, all those people lost a day of work. What waste. What a disappointment. The guy at the parking garage says it happens all the time.