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OK, rhino, this is getting personal now.

I come from a family of 7, who were abandoned by our parents when I was 3 years old.
We became wards of the state.
It wasn't a lot of fun growing up, but we all grew up to be productive, tax-paying members of society.
Are you saying we should have been left on our own, in an abandoned rental, to fend for ourselves, and IF WE HAD DIED from neglect .... then our parents should have been punished ?

Get a grip on reality ! There are 14 kids here who need help !

And you blather on about FREEDOM !


Yes, I'm yelling - I'm getting really angry with some of you people with your head up your ass !!

What if ... what if ... they grow up to be John Galts ? How the hell are they going to grow up without some help ?