Comment: I would like to know why is

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I would like to know why is

I would like to know why is it most freedom folk cannot look beyond the first glance on this issue, and see what it is really about? Why do we say we are for individuals' freedom, yet first chance we get, we are meddling in someone else's personal life? It sickens and saddens me that nearly every time a subject like this is brought up, so many in the group, fall for the same tactics and think the way the most of the general public does who is still being fed all the lies-have we learned nothing at all since we began listening to Ron Paul? Look folks if you can't put your own personal feelings aside on things like this, and make a stand for what is right according to the Constitution, you don't have a single hope to stand up for more issues in the future. Lets keep our heads on straight and not fall for the tactics being used on the general public-you have to realize, if it is acceptable to condemn and take her children, because she has used the programs that were available, it will also be acceptable at some later date to infringe on your own personal choices, for some other trumped up reason.