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As I know you claim to be a

As I know you claim to be a Christian, I will offer that the Bible has three kinds of examples of how to respond to a situation like this -- namely fight, stand, or hide.

Fight - The Old Testament is replete with examples of those who fought: Gideon, David, etc. It should never be done out of anger but to oppose evil.

Stand - Daniel, his three friends and the fiery furnace and Jesus himself at the cross are good examples. This is peaceful protest where you refrain from giving in, but as Jesus said nothing against his accusers and allowed himself to be taken to the cross, you do not seek to harm your fellow man.

Hide - Yes, there are many examples where God called people to leave an area and hide from persecution. Jesus himself disappeared when the people were preparing to stone him. Paul was smuggled out of a dangerous city. David ran and hid from Saul. These were not cowardly men, but they followed prudence and God's guidance to avoid a costly and unwise confrontation.

Because the Bible contains commands and examples of each of these three scenarios, I believe that they all can and are valid responses as you feel led. If you heart and motives are pure, you should follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. If you feel you must fight and can do so while bringing honor to God, do so. If you do not feel that you should use violence, but you want to resist evil, stand with confidence that you are standing for righteousness. And if you feel led to protect yourself and your loved ones, then seek a safe haven and weather the storm.

The most important thing to remember is this: not everyone has the same calling. Some will be called to fight, some to stand, some to hide -- all will be so called by God. We should not look down on anyone for their decision as long as they do so with a clear conscience. At this time, I feel that it is most prudent for me to seek the protection of my family until such time as I feel that God would have me stand or fight. We must all prayerfully seek that which God would have us to do and to encourage each other in our respective choices.