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All the comments are

All the comments are painting this as a black and white issue and I assure you it is not.

let's take the personal freedom/none of my business issue : Here is my problem with that argument. If she was paying for her children herself then you are correct it is none of my business and she is free to do what she wishes so long as she doesn;t not harm anyone else or anyones property; however, If Tax dollars are paying for these kids then it becomes my business. With personal freedom comes personal responsbility, She is getting welfare and that makes it my business. Why should anyone else have to pay for her children if they choose not too?

The issue of the governement shouldn't be involved : this is also not black and white. What is the primary role of governement? To protect LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY. If someone is to be harmed by any of these 3 issues then yes goverment has the obligation to do something.

God gave her 8 babies : This to me is black and white - As a devoted christian I disagree with this statement. God did not give her 8 babies SCIENCE gave her 8 babies and there is a big difference here. She did not conceive naturally, science impregnated her not a man. Science took her EGGS - FROZE THEM - then injected sperm into them. this was in no way divine intervention.

God would not of let her have 8 babies if he didn't want her to have them : I disagree again. If you understand the bible you will see that there are many things god DOES NOT WANT TO HAPPEN but they happen. Does anyone really believe that a child dying in a car accident while the mother lives is what God wanted? God has armies of angels and to think he needed this child as another angel in his army is absurd.

What about the children and people around the world involved in this war. Do you honestly believe that God wants these people blown apart and have to suffer in great pain for weeks until they die?

What about genocide, God wants that? Women being raped while their nipples are being bitten off is what God wants?

How about our war vets that come home after what they have seen? You really believe that this was a purpose of God? The list goes on and on.

If you really believe that God wants these things to happen then what role does Satan play; For if you actually believe this than Satan would not exist.

Not everything is black and white and the sooner we understand this and actually understand our rights and the constitution the sooner we can actually make the changes that need to be done in this country but until then we will not accomplish very much.