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I don't

think she should have been inseminated(what did that cost and why would any doctor in thier right mind do it under those circumstances) but If the press wasn't crucifying the woman the 8 babies would be a sensation and everyone would be donating money and baby supplies or volunteering to help any way they could. Others that have had mutiple births by artificial means have become famous and proffited from it. She should be able to do the same and not have to depend on welfare. Unfortunatley it is doubtful because of the negetive press. Doctor Phil makes his proffits from these kinds of stories. Did he make an outcry to the public or companies that make baby supplies to help? Normally they would be donating for the advertisment. What is important is the care of those babies not the condemnation of the mother. You can judge her mental health but can't you do that with all that use artificial means and have mutiple births and decide to keep them all and risk seriuos problems for the children and themselves? Just another way to look at it. I don't agree with her having had artificial insemination ( or whatever it was)but that is done. If money is the only reason for taking the babies away that is wrong even if what she did was stupid IMO. That is wrong. You don't take peoples children because they are poor. The taxpayer shouldn't pay but how about all of these pro lifers. Time to step up and help out. Or should they make the decision wether or not she keeps her living children too? Just some thoughts.People should help people of thier own free will not be forced to by taxation. It has been proven in history that they usually will. If you are pro choice you should understand she made her choice and you should respect that also. Even if you think it was unwise. But I think you should have a choice on wether or not to support it financially.