Comment: Why is no one wanting to see

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Why is no one wanting to see

Why is no one wanting to see the DR who implanted her with these embryos prosecuted? If I were the judge sitting in on a trial to decide how to place these children I would make the MD pay for their support until all are 18 and let the mother raise them. We keep focusing on the sperm and egg donors. In this case the father really is the MD who implanted her and used the technology to create the inflamed issue and bring these babies unnaturally in this world. By doing this all would be taken care of. The only oversight would be the govt making sure father science pays but mom gets to raise her kids. The precedence of such a legal move will prevent a lot of other MD's doing such an unethical thing. Why isn't HE protected? I still think it's fishy that this happened at all and while I can prove nothing, the whole thing gives me the utter creeps and I pray for those kids and their mom.