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I don't have

anything to say or write to or call anymore. It just an't happening. I'm sick of being shot down (pun intended) at every corner trying to speak to these morons every time they try to pull some new law or legislation. It is not working. If we do make any headway they just throw something else at us with different wording or seemingly milder. They will never stop with the gun laws. If they can't take or control the guns they can take all the power so they will never stop trying. I think sooner rather than later we have to realize that all the calling and writing is not accomplishing much if anything. We have to do something a bit more aggressive. Not sure what it is exactly since all of our protest never seem to be large or effective enough. We have to make a lot more noise than we have been. Once they make something law the sheeple will take thier side. They are programmed not to break the law. And law enforcement will go full force along with them too. "It's thier duty to enforce the law" no matter how wrong.