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1- The Doctor did nothing

1- The Doctor did nothing wrong. No laws were broken.
2- The mother did nothing wrong. No laws were broken.
3- It's not the government's business
4- It's not our business.

This is the fundamental problem with people. They cannot let other people be free to do as they wish. All this arm-chair-quarterbacking from the peanut gallery is the catalyst for tyrannical, big government, socialist/communist ideologies. Aren't we all fighting for more freedom and less intrusion into our lives?

Why can freedom only be linked to arbitrary lines in the sand of the what people perceive is right or wrong? Remember, perception is reality. What you perceive to be true, maybe not what I perceive to be true. The only equal way to resolve this fact, is for both of us to be free to choose without interference.

We need to be more libertarian and less authoritarian. If we continue on the same path we'll have mandatory baby laws and parenting standards where your kids can be taken away at the whim of a CPS agent following said standards.

It's none of our business, leave them alone, or be prepared to suffer the resulting legislation that will continue to grow and encroach on our freedoms.

Sorry, bit of a rant. :) - ~ Learn more about bitcoin/litecoin, and how they relate to the liberty movement.