Comment: Investment in a .50, huh...

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Investment in a .50, huh...

Resale after a ban, maybe. In a practical sense, no way in hell, unless you have a very good income or a corporate sponsor. Do you know how much it costs to load ammunition for them? Let's break it down to loading, say 100 rounds of decent grade ammunition. I happen to load these for a couple of people.

Approx. $2000-2500 worth of specialized equipment for the BMG
as an upfront cost.

$40-60 per 20 bullets (Avg. out $50) $250.00

It takes 3 lbs. of H50BMG powder to load 100 rds.
3lbs. is about $70.00

1 box of 100 primers is about $40.00

100 New Brass @ about $210.00

Grand Total: About $570.00 to load 100 rds.

Afterwards the brass can be reloaded so cut the brass cost: $360.00
for 100 rds. Then you only have to worry about the availability of components. Still think it's a good investment, or just a really expensive toy?