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How about if the state cut

How about if the state cut her off? (as they should). If she cannot provide for her children on her own, then there are other options such as adoption.

Personal freedom does come with responsibility. Why don't you give her a chance first? Let her be responsible, if she fails the kids will be adopted out to those who can take care of them.

Just because your tax dollars go to welfare programs, does not mean that you can set the standards over the crackheads receiving welfare to a mother of 14. Welfare is welfare. It's the welfare program that is the problem, not the recipients. That's like blaming the individual military soldier for killing in Iraq, when the military shouldn't be there in the first place.

We can compare this with any taxpayer funded public program. There are millions who don't contribute, yet reap the rewards. I know, I know, you'll give me an excuse why we need to extend the reach to the non-taxpayers to make it more fair, right? How about we abolish the program altogether? :) - ~ Learn more about bitcoin/litecoin, and how they relate to the liberty movement.