Comment: “Won't You Turn Your Head Once More …”

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“Won't You Turn Your Head Once More …”

It’s Classic.

This is one of the most sensible posts ever on DailyPaul, written by one of the most thoughtful members on this forum.

I have often commended it as required reading applicable to many contexts within the scope of our concern. When I returned from being away a few days and noticed it had been updated and not yet bumped with an underscore I take this occasion to thank you, Spacehabitats, for your eloquent insight and I plug it once more for all you sleuths, scholars, debunkers, tools, young turks and rag-ass renegades.

BTW, I also recommend a spoonful of virtual surreality to help the bitter/sweet purple pill of truth go down. No doubt, we each, will continue to go down paths and rabbit holes on our individual Grail Quests, but, perhaps, less breathlessly.;-)

May Spacehabitat’s ‘Illumination’ help us each keep it in perspective.