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Just Got Off Phone With Gail Neira

Hello folks,
PLEASE DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER. I know some of you were "there" in SF. But, I just got off the phone with Gail Neira, we spoke for about an hour i guess, and i made a PROMISE to her to report on our chat. I am in Wisconsin, not CA. I was told she also had conversations with people In Nevada somewhere, Philly, and Atlanta, so maybe there will be similar posts. Here are the basics, as i promised her i would post...
1.In her paraphrased words, she is one woman who has tried to get new ideas in the Old Guard GOP for years - with little/no luck.
2. She has had a hard enough time standing on her own and has done these "alternate" parties (which are private, that she mostly funds apparently) to get different ideas - since 1999. So, she has experience, but she is no "mastermind" if you ask me - my gut response.
3. She totally does understand why a person would have been very disappointed and even "angry" she said. But she also said, there would have been other alternatives rather than her being followed to the parking lot. (again, i am just repeating - y'all have your version) By the tone of her voice, i really do feel she was very upset about being singled out as some horrible GOP monger (my words)
4. She said, had things not gotten so hot, she would have expected the Ron Paul camp to ask for a negotiated poll - further down the line. Again, she felt it was a disorganized, surprise thing that she was not prepared for. I asked her very direct questions. I did not get the sense that she is some "anti-Paul" person. I just did not get that sense. And i have interviewed hundreds of people.
5. Gail feels that what Ron Paul supporters unwittingly did was to make Gail look bad, thus fueling the old guard central committee's flame to burn her. If you burn her, you burn one of the few voices that is STILL LOOKING for her candidate - a voice that may have said, "Ron Paul". She says she had wanted to consider Ron Paul, but now feels quite - maybe violated or betrayed (MY WORDS). In a nut shell, she feels that through a phone tree, rather than having six Ron Paul supporters to join, she got like EIGHTY and she felt it was sort of - abusing the idea. And also she states that there are rules about max. occupancy, and also the room was scheduled for only a certain hour, and the straw poll, with all those many extra people, would have gone over that time. But i got the sense that Gail felt that any poll would be sort of bogus. It was going to be reported - and i think she honestly felt it was not going to be very scientific - it was not like it was publicly advertised. I was NOT THERE. But i am trying to be an impartial listener for her. I can understand her. And what is the VALUE to the Ron Paul Campaign if numbers are being manipulated by stuffing the ballot box through a phone tree? I can see her point, and again, I WAS NOT THERE...
6. Gail also feels that Ron Paul supporters have absolutely nothing - not one thing, to GAIN, by making a big media thing about this. Why? Because the Old Guard already has a stuff job going. One article directed at a person who is NOT part of that Old Male Guard is - not so great. Meaning, whereas she could have been won over by Ron Paul supporters, she now feels so attacked - a possible bridge has been burned. Forever? I hope not. I plan to keep corresponding with Ms. Neira.

Well, those who were there, you have to determine if one woman attacked you or manipulated you or whatever you think happened. I am sure those who were turned away felt HORRIBLE and got very HOT. I tried to explain to Gail that those of us who want this SO BADLY get very upset. But honestly, she feels so - again my word - violated and tricked herself, that - she just is not ready to see that yet. And that is scary to ME. I don't want Ron Paul supporters ticking off these fringe people who are part of the system who MIGHT come around to our side. She does NOT like the major candidates she says and i personally do believe her. I tried to get her to name her candidate - and she did not. If you think she was faking it... Well, i have a bit of INFORMATION that someone in SF might want. So please will A SAN FRANSCISCO RON PAUL SUPPORTER - ACTIVE PERSON SHOULD EMAIL ME. But please not just everyone on this, ok? Thanks.

IN CLOSING - after speaking with Ms. Gail Neira, i DO NOT think she was working under some diabolical cloak to squelch the vote. What i DO THINK is that she is not yet a Ron Paul supporter, she felt her PRIVATE PARTY was TAKEN OVER by Hoodlums (pardon me, i do understand but- i am trying to play mediator here and i have to be frank to do it) and i also feel that the REACTION of anger and loudness (while understandable) just pushed her over the edge. Let me use a technical phrase we all understand that is foremost in Ms. Neira's mind "Man, i don't need this shit!"

So, i have stuck MY NECK out now, as a person who was NOT THERE. Then again, i am a 'disinterested 3rd party' as it pertains to THIS EVENT.Believe me, i am ALL RON PAUL. And for that reason, i actually have a suggestion. Someone in the SF area MIGHT CONSIDER reaching out to Ms. Neira - ask for forgiveness - ask for discussion, and request another chance to co-exist and work to dethrone the Old Guard that is doing MUCH MUCH MORE to harm the Ron Paul efforts than one "maverick" woman who could have done some good. Show her we can get good numbers in the calm way, by winning people over with the Freedom message. I know this makes me a target - DON'T CARE but i don't want you to waste time and e-space either. Think.

OK, i have either assessed the situation pretty well, OR i have just spent an hour talking to the greatest con artist of all times. I THINK she is not that. PLEASE - don't just slam me, ok? I HAVE SAID THIS IN HER WORDS, PARAPHRASED - I HOPE CLOSE ANYWAY. I have done my duty here - this was the condition of me getting answers to the questions i did ask. This woman is SO UPSET. she first talked for like 15 minutes without a break. She is swamped with calls, emails. Lots of BAD BAD energy. Here is some advice from an old corporate person who has ironed out many a conflict: If you want to make a POSITIVE out of an incredible NEGATIVE, you will send out an olive branch, and help this woman who is NOT THE PROBLEM. She really isn't. There are far far bigger fish to fry, folks. Ok, someone EMAIL ME FOR THAT TIP. Thank you.

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