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Honor and San Fran

If she didn't want a problem, she should have honored her written word. People should suffer the consequences of their actions. We have seen this in Iowa, Texas, Florida, and now San Francisco. This cheating is a theme and these people want to play innocent. They deserve what they get. If people idly stand by and let this type of thing go on, it is just as big of a crime. Look at the state of our country because people looked the other way and shrugged their shoulders. Well, they really had good intentions.....NOT.

She ultimately called the Ron Paul supporters "hoodlums," and we should treat her respectfully? And if Ron's supporters could get voters there through a "phone tree," why couldn't the others?

As for her voting for Ron Paul. If she has any integrity at all, she will do so based on Ron and not the justified comments of the individuals at the so-called straw poll that she viciously corrupted.

Bottom line, she is a weasel and a liar and deserves what she gets. Some people just don't deserve honey, but vinegar. Sorry, but she had her chance to prove herself.....and she did!

Bob W., Naples, FL