Comment: Forgiveness

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Let's think, what would Ron Paul do?

Now that her name has been trotten in the mud, and she was caught in a nasty situation (which she caused herself), it is time to forgive.

She may be a dirty, nasty liar, but that doesn't mean we have to resort down to her level and call her any more names. The public knows who she is, in fact the video was on for 1/4 of the day and is still all over digg.

Now it's time to respectfully request to hold a real straw poll with equal time for those that want to stump. Obviously she's on high alert defensive, it would be a a positive shock to her to see that people actually forgive her for her wrongdoing, and be positive.

I think it would be a positive gesture if people would email her to let her know that:
#1 she was wrong in her action
#2 that you personally hold no ill-will toward the person, but to the action she took. And forgive her for this action.
#3 that a new straw poll would be fair as long as those that want to stump for their choice where allowed to do so.