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Thanks for not "blaming me" and so on. But, let us be careful

I want to go on record as NOT calling anyone a liar, and also, i have not followed protocol. I did NOT wait for Gail to APPROVE what i posted. I confess, i did NOT think anyone would say, "She is a liar" and yeah, i actually appreciate that you exclude ME of this, but i also would like to err on the side of extreme caution. As the days progress, let us be mindful of all things we say. Please do not infer anything with an unclean motive here. I have not looked at the links, but i will.

My conversation was not recorded, and i am human, so.. you are all free to decide that you want, but IF you are going to make claims, please do not use something i posted, please do check WITH GAIL DIRECTLY first. She may say, "Unaboomer misquoted me, and i did not lie to her!" You see? This is a matter of how we say what we are trying to say, that's all.

While i am comfortable with the role of mediator, the larger issue was that i was asked to repeat some statements. I of course considered, am i being used by a clever person. Sure, i thought about that.
But if she really is inept at Youtube, (i cannot know for sure), is she really going to enter the Lion's Den? I could understand her NOT wanting to sign up for a Ron Paul forum.

I cannot confirm or discredit one thing she said - but, in one hour, i found no actual contradictions in her statements, that i am aware of. As to the truthfulness, i have NO IDEA. I still made the editorial statement that an olive branch is best - and i believe that. Deception is a fact of life. And i have had very good luck with a direct approach to confronting deceit and disagreements head on. So, while i appreciate concern / sentiment that maybe i was being used, i just cannot recommend my informal post as the BEST place to confront a person's character.

I want to thank people for not directing anger at me. Thanks.

Ron Paul 2008