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The Proverb Corner

The question was asked of Jesus, "How many times must we forgive" and the short answer Jesus gave was "Seven times seven". People who forgive because someone "cried well" are not so simple as one might think. Dishonesty has a strong stench. I am one of those people who forgives, and happy to be that way. Every action has its own reward. I am not on this Earth to determine how much a person is faking it when they ask for forgiveness; I see my job in that regard as more or less asking that person to OWN the truth of that request for forgiveness. I have actually been told by people that they became better people because i said "I believe you" every time they told me a lie. :) THINK. Process. Think more. Then act. With Love.

"A gentleman is someone who never hurts another's feeling unintentionally." The key is to hurt feelings is a constructive way, i believe.

Feelings hurt with respect heal, and learning is a joy forever.

Ron Paul 2008