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If I May Suggest Some things re: Emailing Gail (her name)

Forgiveness is great. It is REALLY great when you don't give it in a "blame box" Therefore, I would take an even higher road. Please just avoid # 1 where you say, "you were wrong" because at this point, it is her word against yours. Last time i checked she had not "admitted blame" in the paper - so - it's sort of at an impasse for now. Let her next actions speak - not your suspicions. IF you get the real straw poll you want then you are ahead. What i mean...

"Dear Ms. Neira, We realize there was a misunderstanding (etc. etc) and while some people do believe that [you were aiming at barring Ron Paul supporters from getting good numbers, whatever] we also understand your stance is that you did not mean for that to be the case. Rather than remain at an impasse, we would like to 'start over' ; have another straw poll, and spend some quality time, getting to know each other better. "
NO REAL DIRECT BLAME that says, you were wrong.

Dear Ms. Neira, We would like to extend our best wishes and thank you for extending the invitation to Ron Paul supporters to your recent (dinner, event, whatever) We realize our numbers were large and that for whatever reason, the straw poll did not take place, as we had hoped. People have varying opinions on what happened, however, rather than living in the past, we look forward to a future relationship with the Republ Alliance (whatever) In the spirit of Freedom, let us work to conduct a free and open straw poll within the next (x days, whatever) With your experience, Ms. Neira, we are expecting a good event."

once you make another personal contact (with someone in SF)- all will be revealed anyway! Because people can be read in person.

Only bad can come of starting out.... "Hey gee, you are guilty as sin, but we are such wonderful, self-righteous blameless people we intend to give yer guilty ass another chance!" If you force her hand, she will fold.

Ron Paul 2008