Comment: Emailing or calling this woman is pointless...

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Emailing or calling this woman is pointless...

But for the record (because it is/was absent from this thread) below are links to the OBJECTIVE information that was PUBLISHED regarding this event, and upon which the RP group based their "invitation" to it.

Here's a link to a PDF of the "announcment flyer"

Note that it states (in Bold Text) that the "Results from guests voting for favorite presidential candidates in only local straw poll will be publicized"

Then there is also a rather weird statement in the top section of the announcement: "Instead, local Republicans like you brave enough to remain, vote or volunteer as Republicans deserve admiration." [emphasis added]

Then it even blatantly suggests people to bring friends: "Or Bring your friends to make it YOUR PARTY." [emphasis added]

Which to me, makes it sound like she was openly inviting Ron Paul supporters to "bring your friends" and "make it YOUR party" -- well looks like she got exactly what she was asking for right? And isn't that what we're all working so hard to do... make the Republican Party OUR Party [again].

And here is the Google Cached page of the Alameda GOP calendar where it was listed and published as a public party-related event and where I fetched the link to the PDF from.

Also interesting to note is that the local Ron Paul meetup has over 400 members -- if only 75 of them showed up for the event, that was less than 20% of their total numbers... they didn't even "spam" it with anywhere NEAR their full strength (much less friends and spouses!)