Comment: By emailing anything of the sort, you are simply sanctioning

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By emailing anything of the sort, you are simply sanctioning

her future actions of a similar sort.

The woman has been reprimanded previously by her local GOP party. (I do not know the specifics, but am trusting that it was done in a manner of due process and with thorough opportunity for her to present a defense. If they failed to do so, she would have been entitled to bring suit in court for libel; since she did NOT do so, she has apparently consented to that judgement.)

Granted you "Unaboomer" have purportedly had a phone call with her and she has "won you over" and somehow convinced you that SHE is somehow the poor unwitting victim in all of this. IMHO, that could only be achieved by someone who is a master of emotional manipulation. (that link has a list of Eight Ways to identify such manipulation... she pretty much hits the bullseye on all points -- she's virtually a "professional" at this!)

You may say that "Oh, she couldn't or wouldn't have done that" -- but most people (incorrectly) feel that they are somehow "immune" to such emotional manipulation (just like mmost people feel they are "excellent" drivers w/o any objective evidence), and as such they are reticent or unwilling to admit that they have been or are even capable of being hoodwinked. Yet it happens all the time. And when objective evidence stands in opposition, then IT must be relied upon and the "emotions" or "sympathy" must be rejected.

Note that I am NOT suggesting that people call or email or contact this woman in ANY way -- NOT to condemn NOR to "pardon" -- in my opinion, neither will have any beneficial effect. She has had many opportunities to "come clean" and instead is attempting (and apparently succeeding with some) to cast herself as the "victim," to make the Ron Paul supporters look like the offenders, and come out of this smelling like a Rose.

Don't be a party to it in any regard. Let her local GOP and/or the local Ron Paul supporters deal with her (IMO they likely have a basis for a lawsuit alleging fraud).