Comment: Good intentions, but not much else

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Good intentions, but not much else

As others have written on the thread, this petition will probably not make it to the Governor's desk, or anybody else's. Petitions just don't work these days. The government - state and Federal - are a nasty and cynical lot. If they read it at all, they would then probably pass it around a get a good chuckle out of it - at our expense.


I am not suggesting you do nothing, but writing letters, petitions and so forth won't work. Try this.

Get 10 Missouri Ron Paul supporters together. Make sure you look fairly presentable, as if you were apparing in Court. (Sorry, but it helps). Then, go to the Missouri Information Analysis Center and ask to speak to the public relations person. Or, find out who is in charge and call up to make an appointment. Go there in person, all ten of you. Meet beforehand and pick a spokesman and plan what you are going to say. Don't just storm the place and start shouting. Find out who is responsible, and what their reasons are. Hold their feet to the fire.

If you can, find out all the names of the people who work there, where they live, their home phone numbers, and so forth.

Also, find out if there is a local radio station that will report this, or cover it. TV may not, but it's worth a call.

Turn your protest into an EVENT !