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Follow up !!!

Campbell, if you're an MD, MS, then you're a bright guy. You are also probably not very confrontational.

So I offer this challenge to you, or other Missouri residents to call Lt. Platt and hold his feet to the fire. You have his name and number in the original post (above).

He said he could not provide me with a copy of the original MIAC document because it was "for Missouri police only" and that it had "leaked" into the public.

Your response should be, "I have a copy in front of me. Let's go through it together and you can explain some of its contents."

When I asked Mr. Platte if it is true that Ron Paul and C4L were specifically named in the document he said, "The document may have mentioned them, but I can't recall if it does or doesn't. I don't have it in front of me."

Right, and the dog ate his homework. This is B.S. The appropriate response would be, "OK then. When will you have a copy in front of you so we can go through it together?" (Be prepared to tape record his responses). Pin him down! Don't let him skate off with, "Oh gee, it's not here. It's a lie. He has it and he knows what's in it."

The Lieutenant also said twice that we (C4L members and Dr. Paul) are not being profiled in the document and that the intent of the document has been "misrepresented."

And he said this from what he 'remembered' from reading the document? How was the intent 'misrepresented?" Explain that, Lieutenant. How?

At the end of the conversation I asked Mr. Platte if it is true that Missouri police are required to uphold the U.S. Constitution. He answered in the affirmative.

Well DUH. What else would he say? "Oh no, we do not follow it at all?"

Here are my suggestions to my friends in Missouri. First, this story is too important for a well-meaning Daily Paul member to call on his own. The Lieutenant made short work of you - that's his job. And you didn't press him well. I am not complaining, that is not your job. You called to ask good questions and the guy dissed you, professionally.

1. Call your local TV and Radio stations and Daily newspapers. Ask to speak with the Assignment Editor (important). Explain what's going on with this document and offer to email or FAX a copy to them. Add that you have spoken with Lieutenant Pratt and he gave you a fast shuffle, without answering anything substantively.

2, Offer to come down to the TV/Radio/Newspaper office and meet them face-to-face. Explain that our liberties are being infringed and that people who read the Constitution are being profiled. That will get their attention.

3. Call Lt. Pratt from the TV/Radio/Newspaper outlet, with reporters listening in - making sure they have the documents in front of them. If the Lieutenant tries to snowball you again, let the reporter or editor take over. They know how to throw fastballs and they aim at the head. This guy needs a grilling and I'm afraid you didn't give him one.

Good luck, Missouri!