Comment: What you *may* need to know.

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What you *may* need to know.

What PattyC copied is a re-post of age-old time-worn character assassination techniques, not a rebuttal of any statements by Sam or other living men and women. If you, the reader of my comment, cannot see through it, then go no further.

The AntiTerrorist (YouTube)
Winston Shrout (Solutions in Commerce, Google Video)
Sam Kennedy (Archives for free at

Yes. Sam is a real person. Anyone with 1 iota of common sense knows it by reading what he has written or by listening to his program, and the people who call in, some who have met him. It is easy to tell him apart from any fast-talking slick salesman. Nothing rubs me wrong about this man.

Sam and others come forward with effective tools, built on their work and the work of others, which destroy the most arrogant of the fictions, the actors, the de-facto personalities. The piece of paper most of you call a 'government' is in fact, a corporation with a bunch of sub-corporations. Since 1871, no different than McDonalds.

Using commerce can, if handled by someone who has taken the time to learn, privately utterly defeat the public criminals in robes, and other actors with talmudic/masonic leanings, including attorneys-in-fiction in the BAR association. The problem for you when searching for PROOF, is you are looking in the public: the media organizations, the newspapers, television, radio, the BAR association, and Google. All re-presented by people working as actors for pieces of paper without the morals or ethics of a living man or woman. All, under the same piece of paper - under the IMF.

Go to SEC.GOV and look up CANADA. Go to and look up the names of COURTS and other so-called 'government' offices. All western governments and their various departments are are fictional illegitimacies, de facto not de jure. They use your colossal ignorance of the Law against you, the slaves who have mortgages (death pledges), car payments, many unneeded insurances, and so on. When it's your work energy that has already paid for these things!

Being an ignorant 'wage slave' is nothing more than the current version of African slavery, long replaced because slaves had to be housed and fed under the direct care of a master, while free-range slavery is more desirable to those who engage in it.