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This is so hilarious. I actually agree with the thought of watering down the word Domestic Terrorist by constanly wearing shirts and having this stuff in print,bumper stickers. This sounds like a good plan. I still take my oath seriously about that constitution stuff. This has become unreal in America that those people who uphold the law and embrace the values of this country are made out to be the terrorist. Nancy Pelosi is a terrorist to me, so is Chris Dodd. Ms Pelosi actually thinks that it is UN AMERICAN to bitch about the illegals in this country. This is treasonous to me. Where is the outrage on Ms Pelosi's stupidity and conspiracy to aid and abet a law breaker. She, This pitiful women deserves to be indicted on federal charges and made to answer why she would disregard the oath she took.

I prefer a dangerous freedom over a peaceful slavery. Thomas Jefferson