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Dr. Hovind

I really appreciate him and his ministry, seems like a stand up guy to me and I find it unfair to what has happened to him and his family. I guess his message is too powerful. I've been to a few sites where the intellectuals are just laughing and railing on him, how deplorable!! Just because he challenges the evolutionist teaching, they must be really afraid, and probably find it hard to admit that they have spent their whole lives learning something that is a fraud! They continually try to discount what he says and are especially vindictive! Now I am all for a good debate with the facts provided but most of the evolutionists just don't seem interested in doing that. Anyways I'll be supporting him by buying something from his website.

P.S. There is a dutch guy with his son that actually built the ark to scale!! Just search for it, it's huge!! It's in the Netherlands!

Fear knocked on my door and Faith answered!