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Do Our Homework

Thanks for the list. I will use it in addition to the Ron Paul library to educate myself so I can counter any objection. I doubt any of us knows exactly where Ron Paul stands on a lot of things. The man is brilliant...prolific...and beyond belief consistent. Read the following to see why I am studying Ron Paul right now as if my life depended upon it. The lives of my grandchildren probably do
depend upon his being elected. I'm approaching it just like I was going for my MBA or MRPA. Ron is not crazy and neither are we. Those who have been getting their news from the internet are among the most informed in the country.

Opportunities are all over the net to impact people who perhaps have not dug into the Ron Paul message. Example: Al Gore was given major PBS time a few days ago and while his prime message was the environment he said things that tunnel right into the Ron Paul message. For instance, (paraphrased)...'everyone in Washington, in the Republican Party, the Democratic party, the insiders...know that the government is broken. The candidates all know. But don't expect any of them to tell you about it.'
Hmmm. Au contraire, There is one candidate talking and only one!

Gore said that had he been President we would not have our troops "trapped in the middle of a civil war." Perhaps he just brought in some Ron Paul supporters with that comment. He also said that he was not going to run, but so much as admitted the voting system is broken and he actually won but even the Supreme Court would not back him. Scary stuff...all pertinent to the Ron Paul movement for change. Perhaps some of us can get involved in "fair polls" in our states as we know something strange happened in the last two elections.

After hearing Gore,I immediately typed in Ron Paul, Global Warming and arrived at the site below which was noting that there was nothing about this issue on the Ron Paul main site and asking for any Ron Paul supporters to post his stance. I wrote and wish I'd studied up more first. There was fortunately one supporter before me who did an exeptional job. Read the 29 comments including mine, here:

How We Can Help:
1. Go to the Ron Paul library and anywhere else we can to become as informed as possible on where Ron stands. Be ready when an opportunity like the above presents itself.
2. Be armed with this information whenever you encounter someone who either does not know about Ron Paul or is misinformed. Just as we don't want Ron to be caught off guard (not that he will ever be :)...we shouldn't either. We are equipted with the means to become the most informed support group ever in a Presidential election. But, we too, have to do our homework.
3. Start collecting RP statements and stances under the heading of major issues immerging. Anticipate the arguments...counter with facts.
4. When posting on an independent site like the a better job than I did...but make certain you are either quoting or making it clear that it is your personal opinion gleaned from the facts. Being inaccurate is not good. Emphasize the "broken government...broken education system...broken health system...etc and that it is time for a change.
5. Armed with facts, perhaps people from the Ron Paul campaign headquarters can insure that when someone types in RonPaul, Issue (whether it is Health Care, Immigration, Environment, etc.) there is readily available good, accurate info on Ron Paul's stance.

The real campaign is taking place all over the we are preaching to the choir and gaining strength plus information. If all of us stand up..."they" will stand down. Like Hornberger said..."The Gig will be up!"