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Power of the Internet/Communication

Learned Ron Paul on the Ed Shultz Show (6/1) an email from my San Diego meetup group. Missed it, but am sure it will probably be on UTUBE tomorrow.

Note that Ed seemed a bit baffled by Ron the last time he appeared. I am going to make a prediction that Ed will have done some homework ... and the reception will be much better this time. Remember Bill Maher's dramatic turn-around from Kook to hero. Remember the initial media response to Ron and Rudy and then the turn-around in some quarters.

Folks, let's get used to it. There seems to be a delayed response to our candidate. That's okay. Adds to the suspense...creates more good articles. It's like ....huh?...followed by "he's right" or at least "he makes sense." I think this is to be expected when you are talking change. Ron has some things to say tht people have never heard on's wake-up time for many.

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Maybe if we can get a Ron Paul song listed on the front page. They have "Rotten Rudy" on it...we should get equal time...and we sure have the songs!

PS. Al Gore knocked mainstream media on PBS a few days ago and said that perhaps a candidate would get elected through the internet sometime avoiding the need for big money and compromised candidates but the time is not yet. (Wanna make a bet, Al? Time is now.)