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Ed Sultz Show Link

Norman Goldman hosted the will enjoy this one.

Ron Paul answers:
-Why he is a republican
-What defines a libertarian
-Why the libertarian strain across both parties is a uniter.
-Defines his stance on the war on drugs from perspective of why we backed away from prohibition and alcohol.
-Addresses a cancer patient growing pot for pain for themselves being sent to prison for life...while rapists and murderers get out sooner.
-Addresses the reason he is a very sane way and yet also says he thinks it possibly should be a state or local matter not...(Normans's word) nanny government.
-Again that he would bring the troops home...immediately and states that everyone he asks in Congress who voted for the war if they still would vote for it knowing what they know now...and they all say no.

There's more...but perhaps the above will let you know if you want to listen to Ron Paul in a setting with a non-hostile interviewer.