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Fire with Fire

I just got this from a Ron Paul spammer. I kept everything the same, but changed step 2 to Mitt Romney. I don't really support spamming, but I thought you all should see what is happening, and I didn't want to post something that could make someone accidentally vote for Ron Paul.

Here's a good way to mass vote very fast. First get iMacros

Then in the record menu change the click mode to X/Y so it can submit votes.

Go to and put in.

1. Start Recording with that your current page.
2. Then Click Mitt Romney
3. Then Click vote
4. Then click stop in the iMacros menu
5. Then go to the edit tab and click Edit Macro
6. Add CLEAR to the bottom of it(This will clear all your cookies, this might not need to be done and instead you can block cookies but better safe then sorry but better safe then sorry)
7. Save quit.
8. Go to the Play Tab
9. Change the max loop amount to something large like 9000
10. Click Play (Loop)

This should vote about 40 times a minute and will go until it reaches 9000 or the number you chose. It's a great idea to do when you go to sleep.

For further reference your macro needs to look something like this but maybe with different X/Y values

CLICK X=372 Y=516
CLICK X=480 Y=335