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Comment: I could care less if I got banned

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I could care less if I got banned

I am more about the truth and will pay any price to spread it. I dont really care about polls but after witnessing first hand how Mitt and Family stuffed the boxes in Tampa it kinda dose have me upset about his use of his big bank account to minipulate polls. I have nothing against big bank accounts, I just have issue with people who use them to try and gain power just so they can exerit their force on the american people. If Mitt was truly for a return to the Constitution, a ballanced budget, bringing all the troops home and individual rights then good for him, but he is not. He is just on and ego trip and pretty clear he has some good computer geeks on his payrole to spam this vote in its last day. 80,000 votes cast today to bring him from 34% to 57%. Now you know that is fishey. As a seeker of truth I used tested out the post below to test out how a person could vote by automatied program. Im on an old mac using firefox and downloaded IMacros. I turned off cookies and went to and put in the web address for the NPR poll. I set the click to X/Y, hit record and voted for Ron Paul and then hit Vote and then hit stop. I hit paly and watched and my computer would vote for ron paul but the click for casting the vote for some reason was not recorded. It would click on the vote for ron paul then refresh but I never got the bright red bar graf tally vote. I tried over and over again but record would not record my hitting of the vote button. I have some basic knowlage of programing so I went into edit and set a click value for where I thought "Vote" would be located on the page and after a few tries got it to work. If you are trying to run this script and you do not have 2 click codes then you are just clicking on the name ron paul and not voteing for him. Watch the runs and make sure that the red bar graf appears after the vote is clicked on. What I am using is

CLICK X=500 Y=1165
CLICK X=600 Y=1200

Of course you need to set the tab and URL first. I am just saying what clicks work because I had a problem with recording my vote click. And never trust anyone. After I post this I am going to go back and check the code in the original instructions because from the values I can tell it was not for Mitt or Paul. Everyone can play games but if you are going to play then make sure you are educated.