Comment: Who do you really think Ron Paul is?

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Who do you really think Ron Paul is?

As far as Ron Paul's position or anybodies position of 9/11 I think there are more questions that have not been sufficently examined in an official public forum to make an opened and closed case for the events of that day. Just like the finacial debogle that is going on now, the rush to judgement about the cause and steps that need to be taken are stimied by political agendas and resistence to them overtly and covertly.

Ron Paul seems to always think consistently and logically on many of the important issues of our time. He is not willing to make moral compromise for political gain like most all other politicians today; this causes decent from his peers as well as the general population when he is not agreeing to what ever it is they want to hear.

Many of his political positions contradict the accepted status quo ideas.
How can his political ideaology succeed if it is batteling on all fronts in a political arena? Most people, neither like to be told they are doing things wrong nor told what they should be doing - that is human nature if we are rightfully free and equal. A dilemma shrouds Ron Paul today. If he is to gain any political clout in our nation, outside of willy nilly followers with no political power, he has to agree more with what his peers have been doing. I'd like to see him pull that off to the satisfaction of justice for all or game over for RP.

What the main stream media is doing to RP is turning him into a rodeo clown distraction for the main stream bull. This makes it difficult to pursue any voice of Constitutional Reason that is audibly distinguishable over selfish connivery for power.

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