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Other Perspectives on Net, Huckabee Supporters at

I was reading some of the other forums, and it's actually pretty interesting. What if all the other Republicans could actually follow the Constitution like Ron Paul, what a force we could be instead of attacking each other. What if both Democrats and Republicans followed the Constitution? That's a funny idea.

Most the Huckabee supporters seem like good people and I'm sure they are. They are just not really aware of everything that is going on in the country. I don't think they research issues very deeply and are mostly default Republicans. They probably rely on TV, newspapers, and radio for most their news and information - so you can't really blame them.

Anyway, apparently Huckabee supporters were also voting for Ron Paul because they want to eliminate Romney. But they probably should have been focusing more on their own guy;

"Notice that Romney will face Paul in round 2....that will be our chance to get Romney out." - davidblp, Meetup Coordinator,

"Tactically, I think it makes most sense to vote against the major players in the early rounds hoping to pick one off." - noser3,

They also notice the unfair brackets and how to inflate votes;

"I think Huck's position in the brackets i very good. He doesn't have to go against Paul, Palin, or Mitt until at least the semis. Its grand. Although I think you can vote more than once on this poll by clearing one's browsers cookies." - davidblp, Meetup Coordinator,

I am going to learn how to create these macros if it is the last thing I do. As I said, it isn't cheating when everyone else is doing it except you!!! You just become the guy who can't compete. It may be a useless poll, but the other two forefront runners (Romney and Palin) are heavily competing with both guns blazing. voter,

And they have their analysis too;

"When the Romney voters vote for their guy, they also vote for Demint (to push Mike's numbers down) and for Mike Pence (to pull Sarah down). It is quite obvious that as soon as Romney's votes rise, Mike and Sarah tumble. The Ron Paul voters only go after Romney -- no one else -- which makes sense, because Paul is matched against Romney. If anything, I think that now, when the Paul voters come back at Romney, they try to push Sarah and Mike back up -- probably because they have guessed the Rombats' spiteful game and are spitting them back." - voter,

It's pretty interesting to read, if for no other reason than to see another perspective.

I'm sure many Huckabee supporters could be Ron Paul supporters, if they read and understood the Constitution. But how do we get them to do that? The biggest difference is that they seem to have been tricked by Neo Conservatives into believing in pre-emptive wars and invasion and that undeclared wars are not only not illegal, but the right thing to do. And, of course, they probably have no idea about the Federal Reserve, but that is a common issue, even among congressmen.

Alas, I suppose that's not much different from most Americans still relying on mainstream media.

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