Comment: This is beautiful. A great

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This is beautiful. A great

This is beautiful. A great battle will rage between Ron and Crist after the next round simply because the choice is narrowing. A special note.... Look at the total number of votes cast. 1.3 Million in the RP/MR race Crist/jindel had under 50,000.... And the Rep are tryin g to force Jindel on the sheep.. hahahahahaaaa....

Another Note... This does indicate that many Dems may be willing to switch and vote for Ron if he runs. Playing Devils advocate, it could also mean that the Dems are skewing the vote for RP. I highly doubt the later though

Place/race/total votes

1st/ RP race / 1.3 million
2nd/ Palin Pence/ 134,000
3rd/ Huck Demint/ 110,000
all other -100,000