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Comment: the heart of the matter

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the heart of the matter

And this quote at the heart of the matter –

“Other members of the Republican establishment suggested that Paul was "blaming America" for the 9/11 attacks. That's because they think that the federal government is America. Actually, the federal government and the country are composed of two separate and distinct groups of people -- those within the federal government and those within the private sector, a point reflected in the Bill of Rights, which expressly protects the country from the federal government.”

Unfortunately, most can not discern between Nationalism and Patriotism; the former is confused as the later. The sycophant Nationalist blindly obeys flag draped plutocrats while the true Patriot fights against the wind to defend constitution and country.

And this ‘Blame America First’ is a brilliant, albeit insidious slogan. The patriot is stopped before he starts, in his duty to right a wrong. Reason must not be employed, even at the simplest levels lest it create the domino effect of a thousand falling curtains.

You would think ‘our foreign policy as a contributing factor to blowback’ is a simple, logical fit – to the government certified conspiracy theory of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. But no, that would in fact lead to more ‘curtains’ falling. So ‘They Hate Us for Our Freedom’ becomes the mindless mantra; another insidious platitude to keep the American public staring eyes wide shut into the abyss.