Comment: I liken it to the Straw Polls

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I liken it to the Straw Polls

Where Mitt paid his people to buy multiple voting tickets to stack the polls in his favor over all the Ron Paul people who spent their own dough to show up and only vote once. I for instance only voted twice. Once on my computer at work and then again on my computer at home. Is that still cheating? Maybe. But what I see is something more important here. I see a true grass roots fire where one supporter of Ron Paul has the same energy and drive as at least 10 Mitt supporters because we have real principles to believe in.

I say we win the online polls and force NPR to report on it. Because after all the efforts made to marginalize RP and his supporters, they need to know that we are hear and that our numbers are growing. And that any stupid attempt to raise some lame soul-less face politician should be challenged.

And also let us not forget that any one of these politicians would sell their own children and maybe a few organs to get this kind of support.