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I don't buy that.

Isn't that still less than the total number of people that voted for Ron Paul in the primaries? Isn't Ron Paul's styled platform to support the Constitution (and tendency to accurately predict future consiquences) and not just Ron Paul responsible for it existing well beyond the election and keeps the existing infrustructure for support nearly perfectly entact and growing? Isn't it also a crap load of people who don't want Mitt to win who voted against him just to get rid of him?

If I am not to down McCain for making it to the Presidential election after all the media rigging, then they have no business downing us because we we are only a factor in RP winning this small and nearly meaningless poll. Looking at the bigger picture I take offense to you saying we look bad because Ron Paul won. Because that says that in the back of your mind, you don't ever think Ron Paul can win and if he does, there must be something wrong about it.