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Comment: Some ronpaulforums admins are idiots

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Some ronpaulforums admins are idiots

I was just reading this comment left by a Romney support who posted on our site how he planned to defeat us.

"1. In regards to the NPR March Madness poll, I want to congratulate all of you on winning the battle in such a convincing manner. We knew we couldn't beat all of you in a wide-open war, so we lulled you to sleep and gambled as to when the poll would end. If it had ended at midnight on the 29th, we would've won, but alas our gamble didn't pay off and you all took the day. We do have more support than you give us credit for, and though my various accounts on Facebook, I was able to send out thousands of messages about the poll." -MittWitt supporter posting on RPF's

I was banned for posting a macro in the hot topics section because the Romney-Paul race was neck and neck when one of the admins had one of his typical mental breakdowns and issued a lifetime ban (without a warning either!) when I knew perfectly well that they were going to try this stuff and we had to be ready. He didn't leave a reason for the life-time ban either because he didn't have one. Even the blogger at NPR who made the poll said there was nothing illegal about voting twice.

"Now, in fairness, I never said "only one vote per person." So no "rules" were violated, other than fair play.-Ken Rudin

Of course now they're are tons of stuff in the hot topics sections about how to macro yet none of those people are being banned.

This is just another example of how RonPaulFroums needs to get rid of some of their admins that have a and ban based on disagreements (pro-flag-burning comments they find offensive, macroing, etc, anti 9/11 troofer, etc, banning REAL libertarians based on patriotic arguments that they believe to be true, anything that upsets their egos.)

btw- the best response to that romney's supporters post....

"Mitt who?"

Hey I have an idea next time an admin is going to issue lifetime bans for posting a macro....why don't you tell people they're not allowed to do that? Or at least issue a warning to the person in a private message that says don't do that or you will get a lifetime ban.

Of course the admin that was banning people wanted to please the Huckabee forums trying by having a scapegoat to claim they are staying above the fray with regard to macros. However at least the Huck's army forums has pretty much adopted the no macroing mantra whether they are winning or losing across the board rather that selective enforcement by admins randomly doing what their whim is at the time.

But you can't have it both ways, and say you're against macros, but then when you're losing a poll instead allow it to be posted in the hottopics, banning sometimes, sometimes not, unless you get really far behind in the poll in which case you turn your head the other way and stop issuing bans.

Again I ask why was I banned from RonPaulForums?

It's because the site has a few irresponsible admins that do whatever they feel like and make their own rules as they go.