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YOU ARE Misinformed or a LIAR

I have been registered as DECLINE TO STATE PARTY since 1996 and the only parties that ever closed their ballots to DTSP was third party (gatekeepers to the GOP and DP corporations). I could vote Green or Libertarian or for an independent candidate by asking for a provisional ballot. I was an inspector for a precinct for the Los Angles county for 5 years, LOOK ON THE CA SEC OF STATE PAGE. It states right there what MY rights are.

Now...I heard a rumor, no one has proved...but that the CA GOP would close it's ballot to DTSP voters, (thereby delivering 33% of the vote directly to Killery- TALK ABOUT STUPID PEOPLE DOING STUPID THINGS?). This rumor has caused an uproar in CA DTSP voters, that IF the GOP DOES indeed close it's ballot for the primary they will be sued for FRAUD, by COERSION.

So GOP in CA better CONSERVE it's established practice, or it's going to face a Class Action law suit that is HAPPILY being written up by Independents WHO ARE SICK AND TIRED of the puke and crap!!!!