Comment: 3 cops came and knocked nicely and he shot them?

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3 cops came and knocked nicely and he shot them?


This is the most pathetic story I ever heard.

People drink all the time, you don't think cops drink?


So he went out for a drink and probably his mom got all over his case because he lost his job and decided she wanted to kick him out since he's just a "23 year old loser who just parties and leeches off of her." She's going to make him sorry this time.

*Bang *Bang *Bang... Cops hit the barricaded door with weapons drawn (remember they know he is armed).

The cops threaten that he better give up now or it's going to be real bad for him later probably saying something like, "Listen up you litte shit -- you better lay down on the ground by the count of 3 with your hands on the floor or we're going to break this door down and shoot you!"

He gives them a warning that he's not coming out and to leave him alone. Now either the cops decided to shoot first or they start busting down the door.

The 23 year guy now has to defend himself from multiple police officers in body armor, but because he's not a lard ass loser he has better aim and takes them out.

More cops arrive and now it's just on and he's holding off a whole swat team -- sometime during which he is hit and makes a call to his friend and tells him he's going to die.

Dude defends his house some and scares the SHIT out of the cops so much they decide not to kill him like most cops kill when someone shoots at them.

They get a negotiator to come out and try talking to him -- you know what they should have done in the FIRST place instead of play thug-rambo.

Guy's feeling woosey from loss of blood and decides he wants to give up -- in fact he always wanted to give up but they never really gave him the chance to do it with dignity.

Cops take him into custody and probably elbow and bash his head before they handcuff him and he eventually gets medical attention -- just like they do 90% of the time when they take someone into custody.


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