Comment: This lefty is leading the attack against us.

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This lefty is leading the attack against us.

Orcinus...thats the guys blog name. whatever that means... something about a whale and his favorite part of the orca probably. His real name is David Neiwert...

Anyhow... this article on Post-Gazette does nothing to harm the Alex Jones or Ron Paul followers... it just shows how messed up this guy was.

What you say... a crazy person who can't deal with the real world... because when you get in to the Alex Jones stuff that is what you are facing... the real world.

Anyhow... Everyone should post on Orcanus' blog and ring his ears off with liberty.

David Neiwert is a Seattle-based freelance journalist and blogger. He received the National Press Club Award for Distinguished Online Journalism in 2000 for a domestic terrorism series he produced for[1]
Neiwert was raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and attended the University of Idaho, where he obtained his B.A. in English (1984), as well as the University of Montana (1987-88), where he studied creative writing. He worked at newspapers around the Pacific Northwest from 1978-1996, notably in Idaho (at Sandpoint, Blackfoot, Lewiston, Moscow, and Twin Falls); Missoula, Montana; and western Washington (Kent, Bellevue, and Seattle). He went to work at in 1996 as a writer-producer, and continued there through late 2000. Since then, he has focused on writing books and producing his blog Orcinus, which tends to report on the crossover between the mainstream and the far right. The blog won early recognition in the liberal blogosphere in the form of consecutive Koufax Awards for Best Series in 2003 and 2004.[citation needed] The Northwest Progressive Institute named its annual awards to the region's best liberal bloggers after Neiwert. [2]
He has been married since 1989 to Lisa Dowling of Helena, Montana. They live together in Seattle with their daughter, Fiona, born in 2001.