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that bugs the hell out of me

I am pretty much 100% convinced that an Obama gun ban is on the way. But it doesn't make me want to kill anyone. I don't know a single person who owns guns who feels like killing someone out of fear that a gun ban could be on the way. In fact, every responsible gun owner I know will go out of their way to avoid any violent acts, with or without guns, out of fear of what it would do to their gun rights.

But the media wants everyone to believe that those of us who love our guns, only want to kill. If gun owners wanted to kill over fear of gun bans, it would have been done a long time ago. This kid obviously had problems, and I'm sure alcohol that night did not help things. The fact that he feared a gun ban, the fact that he owned these guns, has nothing to do with why he did this. I fear Obama's actions, and I own guns. It's certainly not a reason for me to harm anyone.