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Hey, lighten up a little. According to the Primarily Paul page, California's primary is "Closed", which is generally understood (as by the Florida resident above) to mean that one must be registered Republican to vote in the Republican primary. The "Register" link on that page goes to a registration form which does indeed state, in very fine print, that:

California law allows voters who 'decline to state' an affiliation with a qualified political party or who affiliate with a nonqualified political party to vote in the primary election of any qualified political party that files a notice with the Secretary of State allowing them to do so. You can call 1-800-345-VOTE or visit to learn which political parties are allowing nonaffiliated voters to participate in their primary election.

Which looks to me like (a) allowing unaffiliated voters to vote in their primary is entirely a voluntary choice by the party, thus (b) a class-action suit against a party that didn't allow unaffiliated voters in its primary would be found to have no basis, since there is no requirement in law that the party allow this. And of course such a suit would not be heard in court until after the election, so even a victory would be pointless, if the point is to obtain a good showing for Ron Paul in the Republican primary. Which is the only way, realistically, that he can have a chance at the presidency. Third party candidate? Been there, tried that, in 1988; I was there.

For my part, I was a hereditary and lifelong San Francisco Peace & Freedom liberal Democrat until a political epiphany in the early 1980s caused me to switch to Libertarian. I voted for Ron Paul in 1988, and haven't bothered to vote at all since, as the exercise in futility didn't seem worth the effort. (No disrespect to Harry Browne, who like Aaron Russo was a good and great man, but I just couldn't bring myself to profess "14th Amendment" "U.S. Citizen" status and give a slave number.)

The thought that I might ever register Republican had literally never crossed my mind before last month, and if it had it would have been about as palatable as eating excrement. But that is just what I'm going to do, so I can be sure to vote in my state's closed primary, as I feel Ron Paul is truly our last, best chance to stop this country from going over the cliff into the abyss. It had also never crossed my mind that anything like the Ron Paul Revolution would happen within my lifetime.

I fully expect to rescind my Republican affiliation right after the primary, and probably my registration after the November election. I don't like the idea of being on the Beast's books at all, but in this case this really unbelievable opportunity has given me reason to bend my rules. If I were still living in California, I'd register Republican to be sure I wouldn't miss my chance to vote for Ron Paul. Otherwise I wouldn't be registering at all.

"Ron Paul campaign is missing it's mark in CA with it's GOP or bust nonsense."? It isn't the Ron Paul campaign that sets up these rules, it's the political machine that has taken over this country. Perhaps it will come, eventually, to armed revolution (or maybe not), but in the meantime, to change the system short of that we have to work within the system, which means the primary system as it is set up.

"TALK ABOUT STUPID PEOPLE DOING STUPID THINGS?" Hey, they're not stupid; the Machine doesn't want Ron Paul to get any votes, so of course if there's any way they can keep out a large group of voters who're likely to go for Paul, they'll do it. That's just politics. The Republican Party has no intention of winning this election; just like last time, it's already been decided who'll be the next president. It's the Democrats' turn, and all the Rudy McRomneys are dutifully playing their parts. Ron Paul is a wild card who won't play with the team.

That America might lose its opportunity to put Ron Paul at the helm because too many "principled" people couldn't hold their noses and register Republican would be perhaps the greatest irony of recent world history.