Comment: Fear Mongering

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Fear Mongering

"...because he is unfairly being linked to people like Alex Jones and all these illogical scenarios that are nothing else but fear mongering."

Fear mongering? Are you kidding me? I won't even go in to the 9/11 subject with you because it would be futile as you've certainly never taken any physics classes. But to attack people like Alex Jones and those seeking the truth about 9/11 with fear mongering is a disgrace. If you want a real taste of fear mongering please watch this wonderful video at ,then tell me who's been doing the fear mongering? That's what got us in Iraq and has been the number one cause of American's giving up their freedom. Rethink what you've said please, and then in the words of Rudy Ghouliani, I ask that you withdraw that comment and tell us that you didn't really mean that. Foolish.