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I'm not withdrawing any comments on here and giving into these ridiculous conspiracy theories that have no logical weight whatsoever. Agreed, Giuliani is a fear mongerer who talks like terrorists live under everyone's bed, but people like Alex Jones are just as bad on the opposite side of the spectrum. The 9/11 Truthers are one of the most destructive subsets of Dr. Paul's support, and I wish you people would stop your McCarthy-esque denial of the reality that has been proven to exist multiple times. This whole "HALLIBURTON 9/11 SAUDIS BUSH BLACK HELICOPTER ALIEN" stuff is a load of baseless bunk thought up by children with too much time on their hands. And the most damaging part is that it's hurting our candidate. A couple of buildings collapse, then all of a sudden a bunch of random people on the internet are experts when it comes to physics and demolitions?

This is a government that can't even delete their emails correctly, and you expect me to believe that they orchestrated something like 9/11? This lunacy is downright sad.