Comment: For 8 years I was an America Hating "Liberal"

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For 8 years I was an America Hating "Liberal"

....Because I was against the Wars, investigated 911, wanted my Constitutional rights, supported Ron Paul, and exposed the Neo Cons and the Bush crime family.
There is a pretty good chance that by siding with "progressives" in opposing Bush / Cheney, that I helped get O'Bomba selected.

But now I am Tim McVeigh because I still believe in Liberty, the Constitution, and accountability in Govt?

I knew this was coming since 2004. Clinton Redux. I am now part of a vast right wing conspiracy. And I voted for Cynthia McKinney after Ron Paul pulled out.
I guess I am also a Racist and a Misogynist now too.

This is all just blatant Balkanization, and tribalism. Divide and Conquer!

I stuck up for progressives these last eight years when their backs were to the wall, and now they want me locked up to preserve King O'Bomba's empire. They are all for war, surveillance, and a police state now? HYPOCRITES!

Speaking about "change" ..... I never did.