Comment: This where the rubber meets the road IMO.

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This where the rubber meets the road IMO.

The people behind creating these documents need to be exposed, and the American public needs to see that a good majority of them are being made out to be domestic terrorists.
The ADL or the southern Poverty Law Center, and whoever else that is protecting the real criminals, and in turn trying to make US out to be the guilty party, are the worst kind of scum in the pond.
We must fight this on all fronts. We will fight by land, by sea, We will NEVER surrender!!!!!
I have to say that I am a little disappointed in RP for not taking a more vocal stance on this subject, maybe there is something I am missing.


"The man who makes unheard of pronouncements that reveal themselves to be true is a proven genius. The man who scoffs at the pronouncements as folly proves himself to be a fool. Time is the true revealer of genius or foolishness." –Will Pitts