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Comment: Important Information for All

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Important Information for All

Thank you, Michael.

My husband and I can practically quote from "A Foreign Policy of Freedom" we are busy reading this. The astounding thing about Ron Paul is his clarity and consistency. He has known for a long time what he stands for. None of his stances on issues display flip-flopping or embracing an issue in order to win votes. Nobody owns him...or ever will. He is truly one of a unassuming, fearless "national treasure." I predict that once I am dead and gone from this earth, there will be books and books written about the man who stood on principle alone...and then gradually gained support from those who love freedom and their neighbors all over the world. I believe we are a part of major history being made, regardless of how this election turns out. He and he alone is standing up against the neo-con agenda and in the most gracious manner. "Behold the man"....I really feel that way. Imagine, a politician apparently can be honest, straightforward. And, we were told it was not possible!