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some 'uber' thoughts..

quick, safe, dependable transportation for riders.
direct source of flexible, income-generating opportunities for drivers.
*minimizes "business middle man" participation and profit.

cashless/gps business: total tracking of income/activities for drivers,
total tracking of destinations/activities for riders.
*maximizes "big bro" monitoring and profit.

another S.M.A.R.T. tool.
(Self Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting Technology)

Here's the question I keep asking myself

How did ISIS get all those American Weapons?

We are told they "nabbed" them when we left Iraq.

I was in the US Army. We don't leave our weapons laying around.

If your position is about to be overrun and you can't take them all they are intentionally destroyed.

We also wouldn't leave them in the hands of people who would leave them laying around.

When I say we I mean the troops, military intelligence, not the banksters controlling the government.

Something doesn't add up here...

The video says this gentleman is a retired commander of the Green Berets, however, Don Lemon says in the video below (and I know it may be a stretch to trust ANYthing Don Lemon says) that he is a 35 year veteran of the Ferguson Police Dept.

Clay is an Opportunist

That always comes late to the party.

He also voted for the money to arm the police. He loves the Fed.

Don't care whether he now agrees with Rand or not.

USA 2012

You are a good man! Don't worry about me, I got myself covered.

We are in the fight of our lives, and sometimes I think this is it, All the chips are on the table, THEY are all in, WE need to call!

Keep on the fight brother! We are almost there.

i didnt want to believe that

i didnt want to believe that radical islam exists...
But for the last almost 15 years the US gov has been installing/intensifying it. So here it is, the big show. Or the big 'smoke and mirrors' Isis.

Statistics tell me to be more afraid of the bees on my porch than Isis, so I'm sick of the fear mongering as well.

"truth is treason in an empire of lies."


Think you for the overnight votes. This post is back to where it belongs: Front, Center, TOP!

We have one week to make this post top 100 ever on DP. (Right?)

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Look up Dr. Mayer Eisenstein for waver advice

He, along with Dr. Sherry Tenpenny and others have a wealth of knowledge about vaccine. They have a ton of interview vids on youtube.

Best to go with a religeous exemption. It's the only one that works and is currently respected. I know because I went through this ordeal myself.

Dr. Mercola lists Apraxia as one of the vaccine induced neurological disorders. It's a possibilty you may or may not have considered

Good luck with your little guy!

Thank you for including the link

Important information. Here was my favorite take away: "NATO is now delivering military aid to the Ukraine regime bombing its own cities full of people, while condemning Russia for delivering humanitarian aid (to the victims)."

Could you please stop healing the wounds we are trying to inflict?

Constitutional govt, as it

Constitutional govt, as it was practiced for more than a hundred years before the federal income tax and, shortly afterwards, the introduction of the federal reserve system, was very close to the system you are proposing requires an overhaul of our constitution.

Funny you should call it an

Funny you should call it an "anarchist stage", because I was in a minarchist stage before I became a christian anarchist. I realize now that I liked the idea of freedom, but too much freedom scared me before, which is the mindset of a minarchist.

You have asked a good question

Many Christians are confused about Melchizedek. I have read the KJV Bible 14 times after having received Jesus about 42 years ago.

My answer is a simple one. Melchizedek is spoken of in Genesis 14:18, Psalms 110:4 and quite extensively in Hebrews in the new testament. He was referred to as the King of Peace. It is said He wasn't born and did not die and He did not have parents. His name was Melchizedek because he came in the name of peace. That was His roll at the time. The next time He came, it was as a savior in which His name was and is Jesus (english). His name is different because His roll is different. To the Jewish people the name portrayed what they hoped their son would become, so the name is different because the roll is a the savior, yet He is the same person.

John 8:58 Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am. He was referring to Himself when meeting with Abraham as the king of Peace.

Those who receive Jesus is also called to peace although many apparently fail to understand it, for we are to immediately forgive all sins (which means we lose our right to hold a grudge), return good for evil and do more than is required of us by living mercifully, cleansing our hearts and maintaining a peaceful disposition.

Since I'm on the subject, Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life". What He meant was, I am your direction. Follow me and learn the truth that will make you free. The freedom in spirit is life. Jesus is the only person to walk that path from birth, except maybe Enoch, so why would anyone choose anyone else? By the way, the great tribulation has been sanctioned by the Lord in Matthew 5:18 because every i must be dotted and t must be crossed. Then the end will come.

US Hwy 20

considering driving US hwy 20 all the way across the country!
We will welcome you back to the PNW

Peoples empowered to cull themselves?

Is it ethical to betray slavery?

The liberty to choose between the carrot and the stick pales before the benefits of choosing productive tasks within a cultural context.

Ferry the dead across the river with honor. I would not feel honored if my dead body was on display to make people uncomfortable.

Remember my name, count me, and call for an end to the evil of war.

Men have been burying and honoring the dead for thousands of years. Men love and lose. To honor is no accident.

Glad I could provide useful information on the environment re: Pollen.

I've take B-100 supplements if I feel stressed. After the first frost it will be easy until the hardwoods pollinate in mid-winter.

B vitamin deficiencies lead to dementia. Eggs and onion are good choices. Poached or soft-boiled. I've been eating four, twice a day. I plan on getting layering hens again.

Canned Tuna in water and sea salt contains 60 essential minerals. Easy to store, inexpensive.

Best wishes from,

Free includes debt-free!

Very cool, thanks. Nice

Very cool, thanks. Nice thorough response. I would say, enough chickens for a half a dozen eggs per day, so it looks like, depending on their productivity, 7-10 chickens, meaning, by your calculations 1,400-2,000 sq ft--far in excess of the 2-300 square feet I can give to the project. Guess it will have to wait until I own considerable land somewhere.

OK, I understand what you

OK, I understand what you meant now. When individuals sell out, they seek a place to do so, and that usually means joining organizations that exist for that very purpose.

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If I Had A Boat

Dave Matthews Band Pig

Dave Matthews Band The Gorge #3: Pig:

Instead of "Am I Free To Go?"...

I would recommend: "Why are you detaining me"? I think you are more likely to get a response with this approach as it puts the officer immediately on the defensive, perhaps leading him to reflexively deny that you are being detained. The INSTANT he does this you simply walk away while saying something like "then have a nice day officer", leaving him behind you and refusing to engage with him any further.
"Am I free to go?" is more likely to result in delaying tactics where he'll ignore the question and respond instead with more of his own questions, making you unsure about your status and whether or not you can leave.

Where is Piers Morgan now?

This is the type of "gun control" debate I like :)

During your quest for happiness don't forget to take a few breaks along the way and just be happy :)

She was

One of the first concerts I went to lol. Back in like '92ish

Your needs are unique to you

For starters you need to decide if you want to get chicken permits or not. Some cities will charge you for owning the birds or there may be local limits on the amount of fowl and other requirements regarding where the chicken coop is. I think Salt Lake City wanted $10 per chicken per year but I ignored this because tyranny blah blah blah. If your neighbors don't seem the type to call animal control out of sheer spite then you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise you can get a permit. It is up to you, some places require them and some don't. Check your cities website.
Hens are pretty quiet if they have food and water. Roosters are illegal to have in most cities because they are very loud. Smell is not that big of problem either if you use wood chips (about a half inch dusting is all you need). My coop was pretty big so I only cleaned it for about a half hour every other week. If the chickens are outside most of the time their waste will just fertilize the grass. Speaking of grass, chickens, ducks, geese, and other fowl will eat your grass as it grows thus saving you money on feed.
Unless you have more than 40 chickens your neighbors won't smell a thing ever. It is when you start pushing the space to chicken ratio that you get that issue. I would recommend no more than one hen per 200sqft if you want to free range them. Otherwise you they may tear up the land faster than it can regenerate.
As far as the coop goes you can be very creative. I built mine out of a desk and a bunch of scrap wood but it was also in the corner of my garage. Bigger coops need to be cleaned less often while smaller ones take up less space. If you only plan on six birds then a smaller one might be nice if you don't mind cleaning it once a week for a half hour. You can find coops on craigslist. People will try an sell them to you new for $200-$1,000 but if you know how to build things it is a fun project or you can try an find a free one. People move or need to get out of chickens more often than you would guess.
I feed my chickens store chicken feed. It costs about $17 for a 50 pound bag and it lasted 8 chickens about a month and a half. They laid about 6 eggs per day so it was still worth it. Most of the diet is bugs, grass, plants, and scraps. You can buy organic for about $25-$30 bucks.
There is a lot of information to be found on chickens but most of it you can learn yourself. They are a very easy thing to take care of. Don't let them freeze in the winter, make sure they have a safe place to lay, keep predators away, keep the water full, never put antifreeze in it. If you don't scare them on purpose they will come when they see you. My chickens still come running over when I call because I only call when I have food. It is the sweetest thing in the world. Having that relationship is pretty neat.

During your quest for happiness don't forget to take a few breaks along the way and just be happy :)

Oh, they will attack Israel...

...once they have united the entire region under the Black Flag of the 'ISIS'/Muslim Brotherhood. "ISIS" is just a mercenary group. The political and strategic infrastructure in run by the Muslim Brotherhood, who are partners with the CIA, who are really run by Skull & Bones Nazis.

If you were thinking our foreign policy seems crazy, it doesn't.

The goal, under 'leadership' of Nazi GW Bush and Socialist-Muslim Barack Hussein Obama, was to topple all stable sovereign governments across north Africa and the middle-east, and replace them with hardcore totalitarian Islamist regimes, run by the Muslim Brotherhood. An apparent 'war-on-Islam' was used to galvanize and fuel a vast, radical-Islamist movement across the Arab world. A collectivist, globalist ideology, with an Islamic flavor to it.
The late Aaron Russo would likely tell you that most of it was just a 'wag-the-dog & pony show', but as the show went on they had to blow up a bunch of real people, to make it look real. Mostly just a bunch of 'average peasants' really. Nobody that the elitist regimes who are receiving billions in US aid in those countries would care about though, I'm sure.

Notice during the "Arab-Spring", or 'Arab Intifada', the US seemed to switch sides, and suddenly support the enemy, for no reason. Under Bush, Qaddafi & Libya were deemed allies. When Obama got in, Obama supported the "Al-CIAda" rebels, who were invaders and mercenaries from neighboring states, and Islamist-radicals within the rural regions of the country, and killed Qaddafi. Bush was just stringing him along of course.
Same thing with Mubarak. US administrations supported him for years but Obama gets in and priorities suddenly appeared to change. Bush was stringing him along too, obviously. Because Bush set the stage. He took down Saddam in Iraq, and invaded Afghanistan, opening the gates for the Islamist radicals like 'ISIS' to take hold in those countries, now.
Don't forget Syria, where Obama, McCain, Graham, and other all pulled their switcheroo act again, and backed Al-Qaeda forces, now long-since released/unleashed from their 'rebel-for-hire' duties to the CIA in Libya (Benghazi incident there, too) and calling themselves "ISIS".

But also, of course, Israel actually IS being attacked! They've had fighting from Syria spill over into their country, and are obviously in an on-going conflict with proxy-forces to the Islamist cause, Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, etc...

The Nazi Reich never died and they have always had an ongoing alliance with the Islamist-Socialists stemming from the Grand Mufti.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

good to see!

I hope this isn't just the calm before the storm

The White House wasted no

The White House wasted no time spreading the rhetoric. Here is a response on the Ron Paul Institute:

only if

You hit me up if your anywhere near Portland OR in your travels :)
I hope you keep us updated, I know I will miss your thought provoking posts!

Your character

as measured in your post & comments under 'Michael Nystrom, I owe you a huge thankyou' is what determines your height in the real world & especially around here. By these standards (honesty, humility, wisdom, kindness, patience, perseverance, self governance, etc) there are a lot of giants at the dp. You included.

I don't actually know how tall Dr. Ron Paul is, but i know i want to measure up to him in every decision i have to make in my life. Thanks for your contribution to what really matters.

time is wasted in minutes not hours

"if you cannot back up...with might..."

as can be said with natural rights as well.

the difference between the different rights is the source of authority granting the act. Nature, government, or agreement.

Whether or not each is respected by your society or the government dictates the might you must bring to the table. If some stranger doesn't respect your claim to be able to walk down the street without interference, that is one level of might. If the government doesn't respect your claim to walk down the street without interference, you are going to have trouble.

legislatures rarely recognize natural rights. And their are almost no recognized absolute rights. They are constantly putting restrictions and regulating how one may be,do,or have.

As far as them being fictions, what do you mean? They are ideas, agreements, impositions...but they do exist. Maybe they are not tangible, but striking an agreement is a factual event. Maybe you could expound more.

I'll talk more yick wo with you if you like.

That's NOT 'cool', they do

That's NOT 'cool', they do that so there is no out cry, then year after year this insane demand creeps up on more and more people, until all are punished!

So true

"Don't drink and DailyPaul. It's a bad idea."

So true.

Almost 3 am and the Jagermeister + Holsten beer ...

listening to such great music.

LL on Twitter:
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


Let them come. I fear no evil.

Can you point us to some

Can you point us to some resources on keeping an urban chicken coop or tell us everything you know? The primary concerns I would think are noise and smell. Lots of neighbors that are all about organic everything--as long as it is packaged in a grocery store marked organic.

The IRS will go after you.....

You can't hide from the IRS...

Washington Respons:

"Russia should take the opportunity to remove this convoy from within Ukraine. If they don't, they will face additional costs and consequences from the United States and our partners in the international community."

Washington would like to take the opportunity to make further threats, based on the recent escalation of... LOVE

Hey thanks guys, I really

Hey thanks guys,

I really appreciate the helpful information and you were right. I made a pretty good fuss with the principal and printed out our state law ( I am in South Dakota) and they agreed as long as he is in the process of getting his shots he can still attend school. Also I would love to have my wife home school him, but he is so behind on social skills because of the Apraxia, and cant afford a private school. I really don't want him to take these vaccines, but I do give him silver, vitamin d, vitamin c and nordic fish oil. Thanks again guys I usually don't post often just read the articles on here but I always get great information. Thanks again!!!!

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Pretty scary how his principles have been changed.

I guess it's true that once you go NWO, you never go back. He's on the dark side now, and even Obi-Wan can't bring him back.

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Yup, just like al-Qaeda.

It's just more of the same. We fund these bogymen to keep the war on terror going.

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Soul Agent for the USA

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I like this video. Even

I like this video. Even though I'm the "Christian Anarchist" and do believe in The Creator, I see the point which is to realize that those who try to tell us to do things have NO AUTHORITY to do so. It's all smoke and mirrors. If God want's me to do something, HE can tell me, not another person who is in the same physical realm I'm in. I've tried to teach others for YEARS that the biggest, most dangerous cult in the world is the STATE. It's a legal fiction and we need to stop paying any attention to what the elders believers in the state say...

Beware the cult of "government"...

late night bump

for... the restoration of this planet.

LL on Twitter:
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15



And Love.

LL on Twitter:
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

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Legal rights and contract

Legal rights and contract rights are fictions. They are not absolute and the exist only in the minds of those who write them. If you cannot back up your claim to those kinds of rights with "might", you have nothing...

As to Yick Wo I have read it. The "decision" was that a Chinese subject of the Emperor of China living in San Francisco for 10 years without applying for "citizenship" has the same rights as anyone else. Did I miss something there??

Beware the cult of "government"...

Blame Assad

The MSM was trying to pin the ISIS threat on Assad when I looked a few hours ago. You believe that? I guess that sounds better than... "Time to kill the terrorists that we trained, funded, armed, and took pictures with John McCain... oops." I went to look for the article to link it but now I found a bunch about allying with Assad... so hard to keep up with...

During your quest for happiness don't forget to take a few breaks along the way and just be happy :)

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I'm all for taking the toys

I'm all for taking the toys from the goons...

Beware the cult of "government"...

Red state Erick post on the daily paul?

Um. Just Fyi. These tool sheds full of douche bags are no friends of liberty. Yea yea they hate Obama. But if the :/ plastic man mitt were in the white house they would loudly proclaim its was Romney's white house and defend him from any valid and somewhat honest attacks made by democrats.

If I wanted to read Neocon propaganda I would visit drudge or red state. David Horowitz...I don't even recall who he is. But I bet if Erick says he is cool the David must be a war mongering monster that loves blowing up the middle eastern Arabs and absolutely hates freedom, especially freedom of thougt.



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Just the sounds

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Love it or leave??

Love it or leave??

Beware the cult of "government"...


I've come home drunk from a late night of fun a few times on here and gone into troll mode. It's after those moments you almost wish you were censored. Don't drink and DailyPaul. It's a bad idea.


Here is our Mesa County group. We host a lot of speakers and are very involved in the local sheriff's race if you have heard about Steve King. He is our state senator who pushed the vampire bill to make it so that officers could forcibly draw blood from drivers to check thc content. He also co-sponsored a bill to give fed agencies arrest powers in CO. Now he is on trial for corruption charges that were founded by local patriots and pushed to the forefront against our local biased media. If you need any help on elections or are interested on how to find corruption in your local government reach out to us.