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Freudian Slip

Yes Harry, you and your cohorts are in big trouble.

Holy bookmark. Thank you,

Holy bookmark. Thank you, laundryhead.

Glad to see my favorite brew was not on the hit list.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Let's define our terms

Domestic terrorist is any one who is a threat to the federal government.

Not actual individual citizens. We don't give a flip about them anymore.

Thank you! Feel free to add

Thank you! Feel free to add to it.


Partial disagreement: I see government as an embodied apparatus, whose function is to distill conscience.

Hence when negotiating principle within public domain, individuals can choose ethically or unethically, however there still is a virtual standard by which to exercise judgment [ex. 'thou shall not steal']

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My chives came back

very sparse and almost none this year, almost like something ate the bulbs or they washed out last year. I don't know of anything that eats chives though, half my lawn is wild onion grass. Most people smell grass when they mow, we smell onions for an hour or so. Lol And nothing eats those, that's for sure. They're as thick as the dandelions.

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Ramps are awesome.

I'd like to find a shady and wet enough spot in this yard to get some planted. There aren't many ideal spots for them in our yard that are fairly close to the house though and the one spot I have, the chickens dig in too often when they get let out and it piles deep with leaves in the fall that would choke them out without constant clearing. : /

Stopped Drinking Alcoholic Beer 1 Year Ago: For Something Better

Stopped Drinking Alcoholic Beer about 1 Year Ago: For Something Better:

High Quality NON-Alcoholic Beer.

It seems to me most people are under the impression Non-Alcoholic Beer SUCKS because probably they think of O'Douls & similar beers, or that is does "nothing". WRONG!

I say that is because that - and others - are CHEAPLY MADE beers to begin with.

However, HIGH QUALITY NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER with a HIGH HOPS CONTENT? Very different story.

After 1 week, I did not like Alcoholic Beer anymore! Even now: I will have one or two, but MUCH PREFER High Quality Non Alcoholic Beer.

Love the HOPS-CHILL-OUT effect with none of the alcohol side effects.

FAVORITES: Beck's & St. Pauli Girl Non Alcoholic.

My Discovery: As long as it has a good amount of HOPS, Beer DOES NOT need to have alcohol in it. Tastes much better without it and alcohol is certainly not good.

Drinking BECK's Non Alcoholic Right Now. Cheers! :)

Wisdom Strategies

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He didn't say anything about

He didn't say anything about violence in that comment from what I could tell. I agree that a revolution needs to happen in the minds of American people first but then what? We can remove our consent but that doesn't mean they won't force their will on us. Wouldn't it be considered self-defense at that point?

"The duty of a true patriot is to protect his country from its government." -Thomas Paine

Right on...

And we assert our position voting with our dollars

Damn! Awesome post!

Damn! Awesome post! Bookmarked!!!


and Brilliant!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

The Seeker!

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke

Since the post refers to beer

I referenced beer as this used to be my main drink. However to clarify I stopped all alcoholic beverages insha'Allah

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Wow that's super impressive!

Maybe we should start a DP weight loss thread?

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Undoubtedly an

Arizona deadsnake (Vehiculo Mortuus sp. atque reptilium).

Nice Easter Lillies carlsbaddj. Looks like you could park a Volvo in the front one.

Thanks for the suggestion

I have used the Atmos Raw pens. I like that they can be used with oils or dry product but IMO They work MUCH better with oils. The chamber is too small for dry product.

In case you'd like to find out more info on the Atmos or any other vape, Here is a site that reviews vaporizers:

This guy really knows what he is talking about.


I stopped drinking beer and eating anything grain or high carb and lost 70 pounds (yes, seventy) in 6 months, but I still drink alcohol...

I think you

gravely misstate and misapprehend the ancient conception of the inherent justness of government and the order it provided. You won't find any anarchists back then. Real gangs were too actual a threat to risk losing the protection of ordered states. There was no indulging in idle fantasies about a world without them.

Humanity was a bit too close to savagery to forget the benefits of a state for the civilized. When man is more or less a tame house pet that he sees no danger other than the state, I guess at that point he can have such fantasies. But sadly he is all too weak to risk facebook downvotes or lose his corporate job to advance his fantasy then.

Kind of ironic.

Master Pretzel Twister

That's insane. Makes me

That's insane.

Makes me wonder how many of these -officers- and security guards who have been out to war in the army before. Can't be a coincidence that things like this happen over and over. Feels like it's just escalating. War does strange things to people.

I agree completely...

...with your above comment.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Seems a bit off the track to

appeal to Christ's example of pacifism to justify non pacificsm or half pacificism. If Christ is the example, embrace pacificsm, not lukewarm anarchy that serves no one but the powerful and eliminates justice for the weak.

As for the minutemen you describe, they are a government. You describe them as purely voluntary, but the institution is based on violence and so could turn that violence against those they defend for a fee. If not in the first generation, then in the next. Nothing prevents this violent institution from extracting a fee besides its own voluntary restraint. Somehow you imagine this monastic order of warriors should self sacrificially serve the accumulation of wealth and political power that would grow under its protection, even to insolence, for the sole sake of love for their ingrate obesity, which is a perfectly reasonable expectation of what would grow under such an ascetic devotion to protect a voluntarist sort of NAP regardless of the unjustice it reared, on axiomatic grounds

Kind of an absurd mordbidly comic sort of image, for which I thank you.

Master Pretzel Twister

Havok - I Am The State

Starving out the many while I only feed the few
Maintain the wealth that keeps me in control of you
Clean on the surface so you won't see my deceit
Even though I'm slithering just beneath your feet
Extend my reign into foreign lands
Flexing my muscle anywhere I can
I keep the power and swallow you whole
Cutting off your life support, I follow through

From way up here my vision's distorted
Cannot maintain what I once supported
I keep you safe, secure and protected
Until my self-indulgence has been perfected

I am the state
I decide your fate
Deliver to all
I bring the downfall

Making up your mind is everything I do
Doing the right thing is never up to you
Get you on board only to betray your trust
I will cut you off when I say you've had enough

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

As the Palaces Burn(click below video)

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The Apollo rabbit hole is incredibly deep. Here is some more.

MoonFaker: LRO, More [Rover and astronaut track] Dead Ends

The principle is one of domination

government is an entity that establishes military dominance over a society and grants itself the ability to harm with impunity.

they can take what they want, when they want and do not have an obligation to provide anything in return

so they sold them w/ "it's for the children" ???

Are you kidding me? We The People are still falling for this shiit ???

is that a California kingsnake?

It's a shame he got run over.

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson

It's not modernity

much less, post modernity, that fragmented the world.

Christian doctrine teaches that the fall, man's rebellion, made us what we are today. Your desire to erect an Eden on Earth, or reenact it, is vain. Government and law are the way we live in the fallen world. Utopianism is the fool's attempt to immanentize the eschaton. That is why all utopian revolutions become "a carnival of blood and crime," as one philosopher put it in a somewhat different context.

Master Pretzel Twister


Tried to read California's, but it got disgusting and has obvious abuses built right in.

DP figurines !!!

• ironic
• iconic
• platonic solids
• duodecahedrons
• immutable
• changing over time
• cosmic yet mundane
• shaped to match pre-contrived notions
• aethereal
• squeeze me !
• scratch 'n sniff
• multi-dimensional

and so much more !

Much love

not much growing yet, I will post pics in about a month

Except for ramps! I planted these last year in my little shade garden.
Ramps - one of the joys of April.

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson


and oh so true

I use this video to teach the

I use this video to teach the bill of rights to high schoolers.

I am glad put one out where everyone was innocent.

Before they had one where everyone was breaking the law but by knowing their rights did not end up in trouble with the law. Harder to show that one in school.

if the comments are any indication,

then, Ted Cruz will be the nom. They are hating on Paul saying he's for amnesty for illegals

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I understand every line he

I understand every line he wrote except for this one...
" I understand what veterans feel when they come home to people who do not appreciate their courage."
I do not believe the two can be compared.

"The duty of a true patriot is to protect his country from its government." -Thomas Paine


brutish, violence.

Government is the militant entity that establishes dominance over a society then grants itself the ability to harm with legal impunity.

It claims the power to take everything you hold dear and is under no obligation to provide anything in return.

2 billion hollow-point rounds won't save you FedGov :(

Q. do you feel lucky ?

He/she did say they lost 8

He/she did say they lost 8 lbs. Good Job!

I agree with all that

see here:

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson

You might consider this as well...

A good friend of mine in CO bought this on eBay and said it's performance is rather impressive...
Atmos Raw Jr Vaporizer Pen

‘Imagination is not a talent of some men, but the health of every man.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanks, good post.

The more we know, the more control we have.

Revolts need leaders.

Perhaps you should lead the way. Usually those that begin revolts wind up being the martyrs that don't make it till peace on the other side.

Revolts won't happen until enough people have nothing left to lose. You haven't revolted yet, so I am guessing you don't want to lose what you have. I get tired of hearing people make the same comment you just did, asking others to start their revolution for them. Put up or shut up on the revolt talk, violence doesn't solve anything. The more effective course of action is to get everyone to recognize a tyrant as a tyrant, and remove their consent.

Damn...after watching those clips...I've got questions

about the moon landings now. Mainly the 240 thousand miles does seem a bit far. I never realized that the shuttle and the space station were orders of magnitudes closer than the moon. Hum...thats all I need...another thing that I've always taken at face value that I might have been lied to about. lol.

Wishes for a good Passover to you, Lawmanjed!

Would love to read your perspective on the Messianic Jewish roots of Easter and Yeshua Bar Yusef.


With terrible reviews at that. And not just "critic" reviews, general reviews of people who've seen it. My friend was going through Netflix to find a movie to watch and we typically look at reviews because almost every time we go against the grain and take a chance on something with less than 4 out of 5 stars we're always disappointed. This had barely over 3 stars I believe, which is rare.

He/she didn't say they stopped drinking alcohol

only that they stopped drinking beer.

Except that...

..I don't see the world in a post-modern fragmented way, compartmentalized into secular and religious departments. There is only one reality, and if I am going to look to Christ as the definition of that reality (Love, etc.), my entire worldview flows from that, just as if a naturalist has faith that there is no higher meaning, their politics will be informed by that. It would be a poor philosophy or theology that would have nothing to say on how we should interact with the world.

I don't mean to suggest that people should not discuss their differences stemming from their biblical/philosophical views -- just that speaking truth in Love and striving to keep Christ as that central hermeneutic should be paramount, at least for Christians.

that was really awesome.

This guy rocks! his skills are unbelievable.

Although I seldom drink beer,

this is useful information. I will make it a point to remember the next time I buy beer. Still got 4 cold bottles of Samuel Adams in the fridge, from a six pack I bought a few months ago.