Posted on August 26, 2007

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Ron Paul - One Voice 22:16:53
Neo Cons are Socialists 22:00:18
Dr. Paul gets MSM Coverage in Houston Chronicle! 21:37:25
Texas Straw Poll - Aug 31-Sep 1 21:36:47
Can One Support the Troops & Not Support the War? 20:57:01
The Good New Days 20:46:37
Londonderry and Strafford NH August 18th Get Press 18:32:53
Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, PA) 17:36:38
American Foreign Policy - Prologue 15:33:27
Excellent Ron Paul Strafford County Straw Poll Video 12:17:30
Ron Paul Signs Oath of Presidential Transparency 12:14:07
Lifelong Democrat Now for Republican Ron Paul 10:54:15
Students for Ron Paul Competition 09:28:51
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1st debate spin 23:47:48
Ron Paul Can't Win 23:43:32
G. Ed Griffin at a Ron Paul Rally 23:30:31
Being More Like Ike 23:19:38
Representative Paul's Most Formidable Opponent 22:32:35
Is there a missouri straw poll I want to vote! 22:10:11
Houston Chronicle: Paul's Campaign Buzz Resonates on Internet 21:18:50
Ron Paul supporters live chat - Teamspeak 21:06:15
Ron Paul - There really is something different here. 18:51:37
Ron Paul wins Dekalb County GOP Straw Poll! 18:48:10
Debate Time Analyzed--Ron Paul Ignored 17:43:19
Any Stock Market Experts Care to Comment - Will Stock Market Collapse In Sept? 16:38:44
Are you still a sheep? 16:38:31
Jefferson Republican Party Endorses Ron Paul 16:13:03
Ron Paul Selected as Ideal Republican Candidate 15:48:58
Ron Paul on C-SPAN today 8/26/07 11:23:08
Latest INTRADE figures for Ron Paul 10:27:52
Ron Paul Voter Pledge of Support 09:34:33
Biometric Technology Worms Its Way Into American Public Schools 05:07:13